Wooden Kayaks

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Wooden Kayaks

Over the years we build several wooden kayaks from other manufacters before building our own named Nireas.
We can build any wooden kayak you like as long as you can provide us with the drawings or of course you can order our expedition/all arounder sea kayak Nireas in the wooden version.

Regarding other manufacturers Guillemot Kayaks is most likely the most popular resource of drawings. You can browse their full catalog in this link.

Another great kayak design is that from Nick Crowhurst; the Vember & Vember expedition. We build a few in the past and we got already the plans plus all the details that we need to start working on it.
We highly recommend if you choose that design to use a different deck than the drawings due to been suitable only for relatively small paddlers. The Vember won't have proper fit if the paddler is taller than 1.70 cm and heavier than 85kg. If you are above those numbers it will be better to choose any of the Guillemot designs or get our Nireas HV.

Our design (Nireas HV, MV, LV) plus CNC Vember Expedition will have a significant lower cost than any other as we got already the framework to work on it.

All we need to send you a quote is the kayak model that you want us to build and if you need any extra like a keel strip, compass etc.

Our full contact details can be found in the contact us page.