Dealer Information

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Dealer Information

In order to maintain the 3kymia dealership, all retailers are expected to purchase a minimum order of 6 kayaks. It doesn't have to be every year especially if you are just starting your business.
We need to have your order at least two months before the delivery date as we don't keep a large stock on gelcoat, resin and other chemicals.

Ideally we need your order Before May and after September in order to fit our production schedule.

3kymia aim to have stock kayaks available throughout the season. All of these kayaks will have all components from Kajaksport (superb quality). You can easily get any component and keep it as spare anytime either from us or from any Kajaksport dealer. You can check direct to Kajaksport web site if there is a dealer near you.

Stock Colors

Below is a list of all our stock colours. These colours do not incur a custom charge, different RAL colors will have an extra delay of up to 2 months as we will have to order them for you.
You check out the complete list of RAL colors in this link.

  1. RAL 6024
  2. RAL 3004
  3. RAL 5001
  4. RAL 6027
  5. RAL 5012
  6. RAL 1028
  7. RAL 3027
  8. RAL 2009
  9. RAL 1016
  10. RAL 1018

Note: Our white RAL is 9000

Table list with our stock RAL colours.


RAL 6024


RAL 3004 RAL 5001 RAL 6027


RAL 5012


RAL 1028 RAL 3027 RAL 2009




RAL 3001 RAL 1016 RAL 1018


How to order

Ordering is simple, just by filling this form. Once you submit the data, we will get in touch within 1-2 days to confirm your order.
A copy of the form submission will be automatically emailed to you.