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Latest change 26/02/2024

Nireas is designed for an all-around, expedition British style sea kayak. It has large capacity of storage for those multi day expeditions but at the same time is very maneuverable and direction stable. Minimal use of skeg needed in cross winds.
The kayak comes with top quality components from Kajaksport. You can get all product codes plus other details from the article we got published related with the components we use in our kayaks.

In the high volume (HV) version we put in place a wider seat and a large backrest in order to accommodate bigger paddlers. Those are adjustable and super strong to survive many many rescues. The HV version has also reinforcements of carbon aramid in many areas of the kayak. An example is the join of the seat with the hull.
We did this as the average paddler of the HV kayak will be relatively heavy and impact of that will be much higher than a lighter paddler.

The kayak has a relatively low rear deck for its size for easy rolling while a keyhole cockpit that gives excellent grip control and allows quick exit if need be.
The cockpit length has been carefully planned in order to allow even paddlers at 2 meters tall to exit & enter quickly.

The forth small hatch in front of the rim is sloping on all sides, allowing an effortless entry and exit to the kayak.

We got also a sloping bulkhead behind the seat which allows the kayak to be emptied by lifting only the bow. This is particular important in rough water rescues as no x-rescue is necessary.

Recommended paddler size

Weight between 90-110kg
Height between 1.80-2.10m

Please note the above sizes are only a guide. The sizes above also allow for equipment to be carried. 

Paddlers taller than 2 meters or nearby are recommended to order a custom bulkhead in order to place foam instead of footpegs. That will give you more leg room plus a way more comfortable position.

Kayak Dimensions

Length 5.32 m
Width 56.8 cm
Depth 34 cm
Cockpit (rim) wide     48.5 cm
Cockpit (rim) length     91 cm
Overall volume 320 lt
Fron hatch volume 75 lt
Small front hatch volume 10 lt
Day hatch volume 40 lt
Rear hatch volume 60 lt
Weight 26-27 kg


The cost of Nireas sea kayak is 2400€.


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