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Latest change 13/06/2021

We offer free delivery in Athens (Pireaus). Our factory is located just a few minutes (20) from Heraklion harbour thus making shipping containers very easy & affordable for those looking to buy kayaks in bulk from abroad.

Shipping a kayak in general is a nightmare due to its size. For those buying in bulk for shipping abroad, the safest and usually cheaper way is to ship with a container.

Our factory is just a few km from Heraklion port. We deliver the boats for free to the shipping company.
The company that we use and highly recommended is MSC.
You can find their contact details on their web ste at

Their full details (copied from the above link) are:

Call: +30 2810 242 026
Email: [email protected]

Mediterranean Shipping Company Greece S.A.
Candia Tower
Monis Agarathou 20

When you request for a quote let them know that we can deliver the boats in the harbour at any time that is convenient to them.

They usually require our contact details. Those are:

3kymia Sea Kayaks
VAT Number: EL142917284
E-mail: [email protected]
14km Herakliou Moiron
Tel +3002810721805
Mobile: +3006946140777

If you are an individual and you do leave in Greece just drop us an email with your location. We deliver in most of the cities for free.

For outside of Greece you can either arrange shipping via any company you prefer. We can deliver the boats in Athens for free so any arrangement has to be done from there. It is usually much cheaper than shipping direct from Crete. In any case if you are not sure drop us an email.


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