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Latest change 24/02/2021

It’s recommended that you don’t store your boat directly on the floor or ground, because doing so for long periods of time can cause deformation to the hull and expose the boat to moisture and dirt (if on the ground).
A great & cheap way to store your kayak is under two pieces of foam. Kajaksport make this great piece of kit.

Definitely the handiest and simple roof rack foams for kayak transportation to any kind of car. The foam block is extremely easy to place on and take off whenever needed. No tools needed.
Suitable for kayak repairs; they can fit nearly everywhere and they weight just 165 gr.

Kayak Storage Tips

Regarding storage location, the best place to store your kayak is one that limits exposure to sunlight, moisture and extreme temperatures.

Sunlight: The ultraviolet rays that accompany bright sunlight can degrade just about any kayak hull material, from fiberglass to plastic to coated fabric. Try to use a car cover or similar if you really have to store your kayak for extended period under the sun.

Moisture: Consistent exposure to moisture from rain and snow can cause hull materials to degrade over time.

Heat: Extreme heat can cause deformation of hull materials, so it’s important to keep your boat away from heat sources, out of rooms that get really warm and away from direct sunlight. Composite kayaks are not so much affected by this.

Cold: Cold temperatures aren’t as big of a concern as heat, but repeated freezing and thawing can potentially damage your boat. This is especially pertinent if you have a fiberglass boat that has been repeatedly exposed to moisture during storage.


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